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What Makes Us Different?

With more people starting to offer this state of the art treatment, you might ask why should I pick the Edmonton Neck and Back Clinic as my provider for spinal decompression? Although there are many reasons why the most important is that your health comes first to us. We have provided thousands of spinal decompression treatments since bringing spinal decompression to our clinic in 2007 (Don't forget to ask others how long they have provided this treatment. Experience counts).

We promise to give you an honest opinion on whether or not we think spinal decompression is right for you. As some other clinics in the Edmonton area only offer spinal decompression they are more likely to always tell a patient that it is the answer to their problems. At the Edmonton Neck and Back Clinic we offer a variety of different services that allow us to find the right treatment for you. We also realize that we cannot help every problem that comes in the door. Our first priority will always be to strive to come up with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan even if that means referring you to another professional that would be better suited to treat your problem. Even though we believe in conservative treatment before surgery, sometimes surgery may be the right option.

We will help you weigh the benefits of different treatment options and come up with one that you feel comfortable and confident is the best option for you at this time.

Another very important aspect of our clinic that makes us different is our focus on not just getting you feeling better but helping you stay that way. Although some may say that spinal decompression is a cure for you problem, that is not always the case. We offer a variety of different options to help rehabilitate your spine to help avoid re-occurrence of your problems. Our focus in our clinic has always been spinal rehabilitation and postural rehabilitation as posture is a huge component of chronic back problems. Spinal decompression was brought to our clinic to help specific patients be able to get to a point where they can get back to strengthening their back and posture to create a healthier back. This is what creates long term improvements.

Call us to set up a time to come in for a free consultation to see what makes us different and why you should trust your back problems to our back experts.